Indulge yourself with great-tasting appetizers to prep your stomach for a heavy meal. Appetizers set the mood, so we have included all Gretta’s all-time favourite appetizers. We highly suggest you try these amazing appetizers.

Poached Salmon with Coriander Honey Dressing, Calamari, Tripple Cheese Sticks, Freshly-Baked Bread with Lasagna Dip, Scampi Fritta (plain or spicy), Extra-Breadsticks, Stuffed Mushroom, Spinach-Artichoke Dip, Hummus and Buttered Bread.

Main Courses

Our grandmother reinvented pasta and how the way we look at ingredients. Wapen Van Ameide serves freshly made dishes. The ingredients we use are fresh and are replenished every morning. You’ll know because you can taste the difference.  Our main courses are composed of pasta, steak, grilled fish, chicken, and more mouth-watering dishes you could think of. Here are the in-demand dishes from our customers. They are top rated. We are sure that you’ll keep coming back for more.

Pasta: Bolognese, Cheese Ravioli, Classic Lasagna, Seafood Scampi, Chicken Alfredo, and Charlie Chan Delight

Steak, Chicken, and Seafood: Wapen Van Ameide Classic Steak, Steak in herbs, slow-cooked cheesy beef steak, Chicken Margherita, Chicken Piccata, Herbed Chicken, Grilled Salmon, Shrimp in Red Sauce, and Classic Seafood Delight


Don’t forget about the dessert. It is the finale of your eating session with us. You can choose from our great selections of cakes, home-made ice cream flavours, brownies, and sweetened fruit delight. If you don’t know what to choose, we totally understand where you’re coming from. Let us lay out the best-selling desserts of Wapen Van Ameide. We pre-selected the best flavours in each category.

Cakes: Tiramisu, Dolicini, Tripple-Chocolate Cake, Blue Berry Cheese Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Apple Crostata, Lemon Cream Cake, and Banana Cake.

Ice Cream: Match Green, Strawberry, Pistachio, Chocolate Mud (Ice Cream Cake), Vanilla and Coffee.


We are the home of brewed coffee. We use a secret method to extract the aroma from coffee beans. The smell of our coffee will linger in your senses. It has the right flavour that will fit anyone’s taste for coffee. You should also try our freshly made juices and shakes.