Best Food Fusions Ever

Best Food Fusions Ever


Eating is one of the best pleasures in life. We will travel around the world just to taste authentic dishes from different countries. But what if you combine dishes? The result is amazing and mouth-watering.

Bulgogi Burgers

It’s a fusion between American and Korean dish. It’s so delicious which will elevate your burger with a touch of Asian mix. Bulgogi burgers are made of beef, vegetables like carrots, cucumber, cabbage, ginger paste, and onions with a finishing touch of sriracha sauce. Put these ingredients on a bun, and voila, you got an unconventional burger. You can also try Japanese and American fusion. Simply put teriyaki beef along with your favorite mushroom variety and you just made yourself an instant burger oozing with flavor and sweetness.

Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi is a big hit in Hawaii. No wonder why Hawaiians are loving this fusion. It is simple to make, yet it is so tasty. You’ll need seaweeds wraps, spam, and Japanese rice. You can also do a traditional soy sauce with wasabi dip. Spam musubi embraces the concept of sushi making, but instead of raw salmon or tuna, you’ll use spam to make a sandwich. Our website visitors are craving for this dish. It is perfect for snacks that you can bring everywhere.


Phoritto is a combination of Vietnamese noodles and Mexican burrito wrapped together for a different kind of burrito experience. It’s not your usual cheap hotels in Amsterdam square meal. Every bite explodes with spice and beefy goodness. Instead of rice, you’ll use thin noodles. And your beef will be poured with chilli-garlic sauce. Wrap them in a burrito bread, and you’re done. This dish is quite daring at first, but once you get used to the spice, you’ll be coming back for more.

Barbecued Hainanese Chicken

If you are one of those people who doesn’t appreciate Hainanese chicken because of the blandness of the recipe, we are sure that you’ll give this dish a second thought. In this fusion, you’ll get the tenderness of the chicken, thanks to the Hainanese style of cooking, and you’ll get your favorite roasted flavor all in one dish.