Methods to Brew Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

coffeeFor coffee lovers, coffee meant more than just a beverage. It’s like a dose of energy pills to get our day started despite the temptations to stay in bed. We look forward every day to drink this hot beverage. Did you know that the coffee you love can get even better? It boils down on how you brew your coffee. Make the most out of your coffee beans. Care to learn the art of making coffee to elevate your coffee experience?

French Press

coffee beansFrench press is one of the oldest ways to brew a coffee. This method uses a coffee pot that pushes the coffee grounds by a fine mesh all the way to the bottom. It extracts the coffee naturally, and it doesn’t take a long time for you to brew. The quality of coffee you could get from this method is nothing less than the quality of a coffee you buy from a cafe. One of the pros of why this method is still the best is you can save money on electronics. You know longer need to spend thousands of dollars just to buy a hi-tech coffee maker. With a French press, you get smooth and rich, clean tasting coffee without using a piece of heavy equipment. It’s a space saver, too.

Siphon Coffee Technique

coffeeThe siphon coffee technique is a flashy way to make a coffee. This technique takes us back in the 1840s. The siphon coffee technique uses 2 tubes with a filter on the centre. Place the coffee grounds on the upper tube, and water at the bottom tube. The heat will force the water up, and once the heat is removed, it will slowly drip down back to the lower tube while the filter prevents coffee grounds from mixing into the water. The siphon coffee technique allows the coffee to be brewed slowly for you to get the most aromatic experience; however, this process takes time. The good part is you get to make coffee as if you are a scientist. You can make your own siphone equipment or get it from online shops like lazada and zalora.