Made By Hand with Love

Made By Hand with Love


Wapen Van Ameide serves food made by hands with love. We make our own pasta, sauces, and brew coffee in the traditional way. Our food industry is so crazy about instant foods that are usually served at fast food restaurants that we forgot what “real” food tastes like – web chat online gratis forums. Here at Wapen Van Ameide, we treasure grandma’s cooking. Do you still remember your grandma’s recipe? The best dishes don’t come from the microwave, they come from the oven. The best things in life require time and effort. It even applies to the food you eat. The best dishes you could ever taste take time to make. It takes hardworking hands to make them. If you want to taste authentic dishes that will reunite you to the memories of your childhood, come and visit us. Visit us on Amsterdam holiday, and you can get a free refreshment to celebrate the day.

restaurantA Family Owned Business Since 1990

Wapen Van Ameide is a family-owned business since 1990. The recipes we serve were made by our grandma Gretta. We loved the recipes so much. When dear grandma Gretta was cooking for us when we were just innocent children, we would gather in one place and just savor the aroma of her cooking. We were so excited every meal time knowing that she has prepared us a sumptuous meal. She founded Wapen Van Ameide not because she wanted to earn a fortune, it was primarily because of her love for cooking. We no longer children anymore, yet the memory of her still lingers every time we serve a dish. We made a promise to honor her work by continuing the business she started as a single portrait of her dedication to cooking.

saladLessons From Our Dear Gretta

We learned the greatest lesson in life from Gretta, whatever you do, do it with passion and pursue an endeavor that excites you. We never heard her complain even the amount of work was overwhelming. She never missed waking up early to buy the freshest ingredients for the restaurant. Even when she was tired, we could see the genuine happiness in her heart. For that reason, she became our ultimate Madame Tussaud, our hero, and even she’s no longer with us, she saved a spot in our hearts. The lessons she instilled in us when we were little children are still here. Wapen Van Ameide is still standing up to this day because of those valuable lessons from our dear Gretta.